Steve May is an animation director & freelance illustrator based in London (UK).

He was born in sunny Hastings & studied painting & film-making at Trent Polytechnic (1988-91) and after several years working as an illustrator / animator, a roady for Nirvana (once) & aspiring (but unsuccessful ) pop star gained an MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art (1999-2001)

As an animation director his films Anger & Rabbits won the Association of Illustrators Gold New Media Award in 2012 & 2010.  X&Y (2008) was shortlisted for the British Animation Awards 2008 & has been screened internationally. His films Gut (2001) & Round (2000) have been screened in numerous international festivals & he has directed work for commercials & television including Cyberstreetwise for HM Government, & Spacehopper Man for BBC 3's acclaimed Monkeydust series. 

As an illustrator he has produced high quality illustration work for a variety of clients including Marks & Spencer, Harper Collins, The Guardian, The Economist, Puffin & Faber amongst many others .

He is currently represented by Picasso Pictures (for moving stuff) & Arena illustrators agents (for still stuff)

He lives in glamorous north London & his mum says he's a genius.

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